In lockdown, I am baking to order. For freshly baked cakes with contactless delivery via NZ Post Courier, please order online now. Unfortunately I have had to increase my shipping costs as NZ Post increases theirs with the surge in demand.

Original Recipe Fruit Cake - Small

Grandma Jenkins



A delicious original recipe fruit cake handmade with premium ingredients including free range eggs, pure NZ butter and French brandy. Topped with slivered almonds and then baked in a compostable vegetable parchment case which is non stick. Finally glazed and packaged in a manner that exudes old fashioned charm. 

Cake Dimensions: 185mm x 85mm x 55mm
Weight: 480 grams (approximately)

Please store cakes in an air tight container and in a cool place. In warmer months store in the fridge. All cakes freeze beautifully. 

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